Verity the Water Vole

Water Vole Transparent

“Hello my friends. I am Verity and I’m a water vole. I have lived down by the riverbank in the fen all my life and I have lots of stories about the comings and goings of folk. I love to have a chat so pop by when you have the time one day.

Water_Vole_MikeTaylorMore about Water Voles

  • Water voles live along rivers, streams and ditches and in reedbeds making the Great Fen an ideal location!
  • They are much bigger than other voles with chestnut-brown fur, rounded nose, small ears and a furry tail.
  • Did you know their fur traps air that provides thermal insulation when swimming a bit like wearing a sleeping bag underwater!
  • Water voles are very strong swimmers and can swim up to 500m on the surface or 15m underwater.
  • When they are being chased by an enemy, such as an otter, they will kick up a cloud of mud underwater that acts like a smokescreen to help their getaway.

Signs to look out for:

  • Burrows in the riverbanks, often with a nibbled ‘lawn’ of grass around the entrance.
  • Look out for poo! Water voles create latrines of droppings – very tidy!


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