Newton the Great Crested Newt

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“Hi guys! My name is Newton and I’m a super great crested newt which means I’m a protected species! There is nothing I like better than discovering new things and exploring the Great Fen, what an amazing place! If there’s an adventure to be had I will be there, map in hand and backpack full ready to go. Come on an adventure with me Newton and you’ll have the time of your life!”

More about Great Crested Newts

  • Newts are amphibians, breeding in ponds during the spring and spending most of the rest of the year feeding on invertebrates such as insects and worms in woodland, hedgerows and tussocky grassland.
  • Their bellies are either yellow or orange and are covered in large, black blotches, which have a unique to each individual.
  • Their skin is warty and whilst under water, they can breathe with the help of their specially adapted skin.
  • The males have a long, wavy crest along the body and on the tail during the breeding season, giving them the appearance of mini dinosaurs!

Did you know?

  • They can camouflage to save themselves from enemies. They typically curl themselves around objects and pretend to be dead.
  • Adult newts are somewhat toxic. They give off a white substance to prevent themselves from being attacked by their predators.
  • Newts have the ability to regenerate limbs, eyes, spinal cords, hearts, intestines, and upper and lower jaws!

Newton’s News

Newton’s Trail

Newton now has his very own trail at the Countryside Centre, come and discover it for yourself!

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Stormy Days

Well its going to be a bit of a repair and tidy up job after Storm Doris!

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Hi fellow adventurers!

Its Newton here and welcome to a brand new blog by the Fen Friends, each of us will post about our exciting adventures on the Great Fen it’s just such an amazing place!

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